'FIFA 20' will feature a new Volta Football mode taking the game to the streets.



EA Sports has unveiled details of the newest iteration in its annual football simulation franchise - which will be released on September 27 - and fans of the old 'FIFA Street' games will be delighted by the feature.

It will replace The Journey for the upcoming title, while expanding on last year's 'House Rules' option.

Volta will let gamers play 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 matches with no keepers, as well as 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 with keepers, and professional futsal.

While 'Kick Off' mode uses real world players in scaled down versions of their teams, 'World' will have you create your own player at the start with extensive customisation.

You'll also choose a team size, set up your home pitch - and preferred pitch type - and beating an opponent will let you take a copy of one of their players to use in your own squad.

Executive producer Aaron McHardy said: "This is a unique aspect of the sport that gives our players an experience unlike anything they have ever seen before.

"We've also focused on delivering key gameplay updates that raise the level of realism and quality across the game."

Elsewhere in 'FIFA 20', the pace has been altered, which will mean faster players will actually feel quicker than players with slower stats, while AI defending has been tweaked to make things a bit more forgiving.

As well as ball physics being made more realistic, the game will also feature Decisive Moments - "which overhauls the fundamentals of shooting to give players more consistent and clinical finishing" - and "Controlled Tackling that utilises the Active Touch System to add a variety of new tackling animations".