Fornite's latest update will be made available today (06.11.18).



Epic Games has confirmed the game will be going offline at around 9am, with gameplay disabled on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and Mobile, as they work on launching v6.22.

Patch notes are being released during the downtime, which is only expected to be in affect for a few hours.

Features include a brand new Weapon and Limited Time Mode will debut in 'Battle Royale' and NFL Outfits will debut in the Store starting November 9 at 7 PM ET, plus much more

A tweet on the official profile for the game reads: "Fall into the v6.22 update, available tomorrow!

Downtime begins Tuesday, November 6 at 4 am ET. (sic)"

The latest update was delayed by a day due to a "last minute issue".

They tweeted recently: "Due to a last minute issue discovered within the v6.21 build, we've delayed its release until Thursday, November 1. (sic)"

However, fans will benefit from the addition of balloons when the update is live.

The new feature will mean that gamers can float above the map and the more of them they collect the higher you'll be able to get.

The full advantages are yet to be revealed by developers Epic Games.

It's not the first time an update has affected gaming this month.

'Fortnite' was offline while the v6.10 update was rolled out.

However, the wait made way for an exciting array of new features and fixes.

One of the updates was an introduction of in-game tournaments that rewards players with pins and prizes.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that 'Fornite' has already made $300 million on iOS alone.

The battle royale title has proven highly lucrative for publisher Epic, and the game recently hit the eye-catching milestone on Apple's operating system.

'Fortnite' - which was first launched in 2017 - pulled in the massive sum from its micro-transactions since launching on iOS on March 15.

It's a figure that compares favourably will with the iOS edition of batttle royale title 'PlayerUnknown's Battleground', which had made around $47 million since it started selling extra content on April 15.