The latest 'Fortnite' update will address a number of "top concerns" amongst players.



The battle royale title's developer Epic Games has released the 4.3 content update, which will make several changes to try and further balance the game.

Firstly, weapons have been given something of an overhaul with the Minigun's accuracy getting 10 per cent increase - and its damage against structures bumped from 25 to 30 - while the damage fall-out off for rifles, SMGs, pistols and LMGs against structures have all be moved, and the structure explosion radius for C4s has gone from 400 to 600.

Epic has also taken a look at loot, and made some adjustments, including reducing the chance that materials will drop as floor loot by 33 per cent, and making a similar decrease for stack sizes of floor loot materials.

Meanwhile, the availability of explosive ammo has been halved, and sizes of light ammo stacks has gone up to 18 from 12.

The company also promised: "We will be closely monitoring these changes when they are live to assess the impact and re-adjust as necessary."

It's not all tweaks though, as the latest update also introduces a new item called The Bouncer, which is a type of trap found in Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas or as floor loot.

Users can place it on walls or the ground, and when stepped on it will send that player flying into the air.