'Fortnite Battle Royale's new 50v50 limited time mode is returning.



The comeback follows the release of the new Fortnite 3.5 update, with the exciting development being confirmed on the Fortnite 3.5 Patch Notes.

In fact, the notes also offered further insight into the mode and how it has evolved since its first incarnation.

For instance, one section of the notes concerns the two teams of 50, and how they are expected to fight until the finish.

They read: "Due to this being a "large squad" mode, Profile Stats will not be tracked. Daily & Weekly challenges will still work, with the exception of the Squad-based challenges ('Place Top 6 in Squads', etc.). (sic)"

And in terms of bugs and mode improvements, the notes read: "Fixed a bug that created uneven teams where one side could have more than 50 players.

"Downed players lose health more quickly than normal (10 health per tick). (sic)"

'Fortnite Battle Royale' was first released in September last year, and has been a huge success, obtaining as many as ten million players two weeks after its release.

Now, it is estimated to have almost 50 million players worldwide, underlining the enormous impact it has had on the gaming market.