Gamers can now earn rewards for watching 'Call of Duty' League matches.

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone

It has been announced that fans can earn cross-platform emblems, sprays, and animated calling cards by tuning in to watch live matches on the CDL website or the Call of Duty Companion app while logged into an Activision account.

A message on explained: "The Call of Duty League is happy to announce broadcast 'drops' are coming soon.

"Watching 'Call of Duty' League competition will soon earn you exclusive cross-platform in-game 'Call of Duty' League-themed rewards, including new team emblems, sprays, and animated calling cards. Earn in-game rewards by enjoying live 'Call of Duty' League matches on the CDL website or COD companion app while signed into your Activision account. More information on the launch of the viewership rewards program is coming soon."

What's more, there are also some big changes for the 2020 'Call of Duty' League Championship, with all 12 teams now competing for the Championship.

The League announced: "In the new format, all 12 teams in the 'Call of Duty' League will now compete for the Championship in a double-elimination tournament. This new structure gives all teams an opportunity to compete for the season's biggest prize and gives all CDL fans more reasons to cheer in support of their favourite teams, players, and cities."