The 'God of War' New Game+ update will be released on August.

God of War

God of War

Sony has confirmed the launch date for the previously announced upgrade to the title, which will allow players who have already completed the Playstation 4 favourite to have another run through with all enhancements in tact.

This means that you can also retain all the talismans, armour, resources and abilities previously acquired in the game, while the option to play again can be done on any difficulty.

For players wanting a challenge, the mode will also introduce higher level eneies which "might even have a few new tricks up their sleeves", according to Sony's blog.

Furthermore, users will be able to craft and upgrade a new rarity level of equipment, while the update will introduce the Skap Slag resource to transform their gear into "the best of the best".

Also noted in the blog are expanded customisation options, including new enhancements and armour.

Rounding off the announcement, Sony has made sure to encourage re-playability by letting fans skip cut scenes.

The blog reads: "Finally, get right back into the action with the newly added ability to skip through cinematics in both normal and New Game+ modes once a full play through has been completed."