Google is keen for Stadia to support cross-play.



The Vice President of Google and Stadia's head of product, John Justice, has revealed that developers are hoping that every title on the streaming platform will benefit from "cross-everything" in the future.

John explained: "We are trying to do that with every single title we're bringing to Stadia, so that's something that we see as a key piece of next-gen,' "So we're trying to push that next-gen is all about openness, it's about being able to play across your friends groups, it's about taking down these walled gardens, it's about being able to keep your progression wherever it is you are."

However, they have run into some challenges with their plans as not all "game platforms" are "on board" with the idea.

He added to StadiaCast: "Not every game platform is wholly on board with this, and some of them are on board with it for some titles and not for others.

"So we are pushing it forward, we're working with developers and we're trying to move the rest of the game platforms there."

As for cross-progression, John insisted it depends on context.

He explained: "There are some places where, [on] some platforms there might be more cheating than on others and so working out, hey, are you going to go and accept save files from that place where everybody modifies them?

"This might be more for multiplayer than anything else, but particularly for multiplayer games, how do we handle imports in those cases? But generally, we're looking for cross-play, cross-progression and cross-everything."