'GTA V' is the most profitable entertainment product ever, analysts have confirmed.



The Rockstar-develop title - which was first released in 2013 - has apparently climbed to the top of the list of entertainment products, having raked in an eye-watering amount of money since it first hit the consumer market almost five years ago.

Research has claimed that the iconic game has made around $6 billion in that time, meaning it has succeeded in making more money than any book, film, record or video game in history.

More specifically, data shows that 'GTA V' has sold around 90 million units, thereby placing it third on the all time list of top-selling video games, behind 'Minecraft' and 'Tetris'.

However, it has outperformed those two title in monetary terms because it is significantly more expensive.

Speaking to MarketWatch, Doug Creutz, an analyst for Cowen, explained: "Since its launch in 2013, 'GTA V' has sold 90 million units, putting its total haul for publisher Take-Two Interactive in the neighbourhood of $6 billion.

"Far above the success of blockbuster movies like 'Star Wars' or 'Gone With The Wind', which both collected more than $3 billion, adjusted for inflation. Even taking into account DVD and streaming sales would not put the biggest movie blockbusters in 'GTA V's neighborhood."