'Halo Infinite' creative director Frank O'Connor is "extremely happy" with the multiplayer's progress.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

However, Frank admitted that they are a way off yet as the things he likes now may "change" further down the line.

One thing he has vowed to do, is to "listen" to the "community" and what they want from the game.

He tweeted: "I'm extremely happy about how Infinite MP plays right now, but it will keep changing & things I like now will change and things I don't get will improve - but I like every flavor of Halo so far, so in that regard I'm a filthy casual. What I can do tho is listen to this community. (sic)"

343 Studios previously confirmed that it will have four player splitscreen.

The company announced details for the upcoming sixth main entry in Microsoft's popular series during a live stream, where it was revealed the developer was working on a new engine for the title, meaning its release date could be delayed until 2020.

Along with the four player splitscreen with the new engine, they also teased out armour customisation inspired by the system used in 'Reach'.

Meanwhile, there will also be a special reward for gamers who hit level 152 in 'Halo 5: Guardians'.

The company announced that there isn't much left to add to 'Halo 5' when it comes to armour and emblem customisation.

It's thought that the post-launch development of the game will slow down now as the focus turns to 'Halo Infinite', although it wasn't explicitly confirmed during the stream.

Details are scarce for the upcoming game, with the developer still yet to decide whether it will aim for a Teen rating like its predecessor, or try to match the franchise's history as a Mature level title.