'Halo Infinite' could be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

Developer 343 Industries has avoided confirming a definitive release date for the game - which is still scheduled to launch on the upcoming Xbox Series X console towards the end of 2020 - but admitted the current global situation was having an influence on its work.

In a blog post, the team said: "We're removing all the obstacles in our path and tracking well, but need to be mindful of our current limitations and understand that the coronavirus situation may get worse before it gets better.

"Rest assured that every single one of us is doing everything in our power to continue developing and delivering quality 'Halo' experiences while we adjust to this new way of life."

343 Industries revealed the team has been urged to work from home, with everyone's safety remaining the top priority as development is adjusted to fit in with these changes.

The team explained: "It hasn't been a vacation though, as every team is adapting and getting creative to make sure they can do their best from outside the studio.

"Both 343 and Microsoft's leadership teams have been providing constant updates with how the COVID-19 situation is progressing, how our projects are progressing, and recommendations on how best to stay safe during these unprecedented times."