'Halo: Reach' has introduced Freeze Tag mode.



The title - which is available as part of the 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' - has introduced the new multiplayer feature based on the popular playground game.

The team-based elimination mode tasks players with freezing everyone on the opposing side, while you can also win by taking a neutral flag to the enemy base.

If a player gets frozen, they aren't immediately out of the game as their teammates can huddle together to thaw them out.

Frozen players - who can move slowly to try and get some cover - will thaw over time, but it'll be much faster with the help of their team.

Furthermore, once a player gets thawed, they'll get a short burst of invincibility to help ease them back into the game.

If the timer expires, the team with the fewest frozen players will be declared the winner.

The Freeze Tag mode is available to users until February 18 as part of the Winter Contingency event.