Infinity War insists 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' isn't a political game.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

Two studio directors have hit out at the idea the upcoing shooter is politically charged, and instead tried to debate what the term actually means in the industry.

Campaign gameplay director Jacob Minkoff told Game Informer: "The question 'Is this a political game?' doesn't actually mean anything. Because what does the word 'political' mean to you?

"Do we touch topics that bear a resemblance to the geopolitics of the world we live in today? Hell yeah, because that is the subject matter of 'Modern Warfare'.

"Are we telling a story that has anything to do with the specific governments of any countries that we're portraying? No."

Meanwhile his colleague - narrative director Taylor Kurosaki - argued that the specific setting of the game itself isn't as important as the "concepts" featured in the story as a whole.

He explained: "These are the type of questions that have been asked for the last 50 years. We do talk about concepts like colonialism, occupation, independence and freedom.

"We don't maybe say those words specifically, but that's the realm we're in. You could have a game set in revolutionary America talk about those exact same things."