Jack Black stole the show at E3 2018 starring with a live script-read of 'Grim Fandango'.

Jack Black

Jack Black

The classic adventure game - originally released in 1998 for Windows - is being remastered for the Nintendo Switch, and to celebrate the 'School Of Rock' star joined original voice cast members, including Tony Plana and director Tim Schafer, for the live read.

Jack, 48, was welcomed to the stage to rapturous applause, only to find his mic wasn't working.

The Tenacious D rocker - who took time out from his latest tour to attend the reading - made light of the technical glitch and when it was fixed, declared: "Oh there it is, here I am. Thanks guys!"

'Ugly Betty' star Tony reprised his role as lead character Manny, Alan Blumenfeld voiced Glottis, Patrick Dollaghan played Domino, Maria Canals read as Mercedes, and Jim Ward was Hector.

Jack performed as a variety of supporting characters in the scenes read out before the live audience.

He jokingly tried to leave the stage at the end of the first scene, but was told by Tim: "No, you stay here, you've got a whole bunch of acting to do."

A live band provided music and sound effects while a screen at the back of the stage showed storyboards and concept art from the game.

'Grim Fandango' is due out for Nintendo Switch before the end of the year.