'Life is Strange 2' wanted to create a "realistic and believable" depiction of teenage life with its sex scene.

Sean in Life is Strange 2

Sean in Life is Strange 2

Players have the chance to make teenage character Sean romance his friend Cassidy in the third episode of the graphic adventure video game, but find the experience of sleeping with Cassidy isn't smooth sailing, as there's an implication that Sean finishes early because it's his first time.

The awkward interaction leaves Sean feeling "embarrassed and disappointed", and Jean-Luc Cano, the lead writer at developer Dontnot Entertainment, has now said that was all part of the plan to deliver an authentic teenage experience.

He said: "For every teenager, the first time is a very important moment, and we wanted it to be for Sean as well. But we also wanted it to be realistic and believable. Like the majority of teenagers, Sean doesn't know what he's doing. Maybe he tried to reproduce what he saw in movies, or on the internet, and of course, it didn't go as well as expected.

"That's why he's a little bit embarrassed and disappointed. He just realised that - again - real life is not like in the movies or in stories. But, as Cassidy pointed out to him, you don't have to be the best."

Jean-Luc says he was determined to make sure players walked away from the episode - which was released in May - with an understanding that sex is a process that sometimes takes time and patience.

Speaking to Polygon, he added: "Sex is not a solo performance. Making love is something that takes two people and they will have time to practice ... By letting players experience the scene from this point of view, we wanted the player to feel like Sean does, but also be comforted by Cassidy and have a real bonding moment with her."

'Life is Strange 2' is made up of five episodes, the first three of which are available to play now. Episode four will be release in late August, and the final episode will be out on December 3.