'Little Town Hero' will be released on October 16.

Little Town Hero

Little Town Hero

The new RPG game in development from Game Freak - who are most known for their work on the 'Pokemon' franchise - will be released for the Nintendo Switch next month, Nintendo revealed during their Nintendo Direct showcase on Thursday (05.09.18).

Originally titled as 'Town', 'Little Town Hero' sees players take on the role of a boy named Axe who is out to defend his town from monsters.

A new trailer for the game shows off the battle system, which appears to be turn-based, and shows that in addition to weapons, Axe can also use his thoughts to fight, however players will need to think carefully about when to use which ideas.

Nintendo has also revealed the game will use music composed by Toby Fox - who created the indie hit 'Undertale' - and have said the developer has worked on "almost all" of the game's music.

'Little Town Hero' will release on October 16, and is available now for pre-purchase and pre-load for $25.

Meanwhile, Game Freak are also working on the next instalments of the 'Pokemon' franchise - 'Pokemon Sword and Shield' - which are set for release on November 15.

In Thursday's Direct, Nintendo confirmed that trainer customization is coming back in the games, and revealed the first look at Pokemon Camp, a camping area where players can play with their Pokemon and even cook curry as part of a new minigame.

Nintendo also unveiled two new Pokemon: Polteageist, a small ghost inhabiting a tea pot, and Cramorant, a duck Pokemon that has an exclusive Ability called Gulp Missile.