London's Victoria & Albert Museum is to host a major video games exhibition.

Games exhibition

Games exhibition

The iconic landmark in the UK capital has housed some of the world's most iconic exhibitions and collections over the years, but it's now time for the video games industry to assume centre stage, with a major new exhibition being dedicated to the medium.

V&A director Tristram Hunt explained: "There is a wealth of creativity to explore, from the craft of the studios to the innovation of the audience as players."

Tristram subsequently added that video games have become "one of the most important design disciplines of our time".

It has been announced that the exciting new exhibition will focus its attention on designs from the mid-2000s onwards, with titles such as 'Splatoon' set to play a prominent role.

The residency will run from October 15 this year until 15 June, 2019, meaning gamers will have plenty of opportunity to visit the exhibition.

The announcement comes shortly after figures revealed that the UK games market broke the £5 billion sales barrier for the first time in 2017.

It was revealed that the impressive growth was stimulated by a number of different factors, including the success of the Nintendo Switch and and virtual reality headsets.

The latest numbers represent an impressive 12.4 percent year-on-year rise, and also shows that the industry managed to succeed in spite of a wider downturn in UK consumer spending.