'Madden NFL 19' will "push the franchise higher than ever before".

Madden NFL

Madden NFL

That's according to Daniel Williams, the 'Madden' writer at EA Sports, who has teased the much-anticipated new NFL game.

In a lengthy blog post, he explained: "With new features and updates for fan-favourite modes, Madden NFL 19 will push the franchise higher than ever before."

Williams subsequently spoke more specifically about some of the title's exciting new features, which promise to enhance the 'Madden' series.

Speaking about the game's real player motion, he wrote: "Likely the most significant change existing Madden fans will notice is Real Player Motion (RPM). RPM not only delivers a boost to player motion authenticity, it brings a higher level of control to 'Madden'.

"Through new animations, players will get a more realistic football experience, being able to make the same insanely quick cuts their favourite NFLers do on Sunday."

Williams also spoke enthusiastically about the game's user-controlled celebrations.

He said: "Following a big sack, touchdown, safety - anything worth celebrating, really - players will have a window to add some swagger to their game with the Right Stick. "

Last year, 'Madden' introduced its first-ever story mode, Longshot - and something even better is available now.

Williams added: "You'll continue the story of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise following the results of the TV competition that propelled them into the spotlight. But this time around, you'll control both Wade and Cruise as they resume their journey of personal growth and NFL stardom."