'The Chase' quizzer Mark Labbett is set to lead a UK team of quizzers in a battle against America on pub quiz app 'FleetWit'.

Mark Labbett

Mark Labbett

The 52-year-old brainiac - who is known as 'The Beast' on the ITV quiz show - is preparing to take on the best of America in the ultimate trivia challenge showdown on pub quiz app, 'FleetWit', to decide once and for all which side of the pond are the best when it comes to general knowledge.

Mark will be joined by a collective of bright minds that includes past 'Mastermind' winners, and will do battle against a US team lead by 'Jeopardy!' champion Ken Jennings, who is backed by other top quiz and trivia buffs.

The special live challenge will take place on Wednesday (04.07.18) to mark America's Independence Day.

In a press release, Mark said: "After 242 years Great Britain is reluctantly prepared to accept the Declaration of Independence but we will never accept that Americans are smarter than us (all those Nobel Prizes don't count)

"I have challenged the good folk of FleetWit to produce five of their finest trivia brains to take on the UK in the Ryder cup of internet trivia! The British Empire will strike back with the finest bar trivia geeks on the planet and we will take on your superstars on neutral ground: Superbowls, Academy Awards, Friends, The Simpsons, World Wars 1&2, WWE ... To misquote that great Philosopher Dwayne Johnson: you bring the asses and we'll bring the whupping!"

'FleetWit' is a skill-based trivia app in which players compete against friends, family, and other players.

For the special event, the public will have a chance to take on the winning team in the game's versus mode.