The 'Marvel's Avengers' team knew it would be difficult to win over a passionate fanbase.

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers

The upcoming title from Crystal Dynamics immediately divided fans of both the comics and movies because of the character models, and the team took note after anticipating a "challenge" to get the balance right.

Creative director Shaun Escayg told Gamesradar+: "I mean, we knew we had that challenge, right? We're going up against a 10-year history of movies.

"And you know, people forget really quickly, but when the first movie came out, they had the same problem.

"People were upset with the way these heroes looked. So we knew going in that we would always have that struggle."

He explained the focus was on the "original storyline" and staying true "to that DNA of the characters in the comics" rather than matching the Marvel Cinematic Universe aesthetic.

Meanwhile, Escayg also opened up on the upcoming next generation consoles set to launch in 2020, and insisted it wasn't impacting the development of the game, while he confirmed there will be no crossover with Insomniac's 'Spider-Man' title.

However, he added: "Any collaboration with great studios excites everyone at Crystal [Dynamics]. How do we make this bigger? How do we make this much more engaging for the fans and continue to do so?"