Microsoft is seeking ways to stop gamers from cheating while playing 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' (PUBG).

Xbox One

Xbox One

The American tech giant has seen the game become one of the most popular on the market, but some players have turned to XIM hardware in order to gain an unfair competitive advantage - which is something Microsoft is now planning to stop.

Dan 'RoboDanjal', PUBG community coordinator, explained: "We have been gathering in-game information regarding third-party device usage over the past few months.

"Although usage of these devices is statistically very low, fair gameplay is core to our experience, and we will be communicating our plan to curb the use of these devices very soon."

This comes shortly after it was revealed that Microsoft is preparing to make an announcement about Original Xbox backwards compatibility support on Xbox One.

In a blog post, the world-famous technology firm explained that it has a "big update" to share, and that the much-anticipated announcement will be made during the next episode of Inside Xbox, which premieres on Tuesday, April 10.

Microsoft explained: "One of our most common requests is for Original Xbox Backward Compatibility news, and we'll be starting off the show with a big update on just that."