The 'Monster Hunter World' Iceborne expansion will launch on September 6.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

The exciting new update is set to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one later this year - with a PC release coming in winter - with gamers seeing the game world growing even bigger with the chance to explore new region Hoarfrost Reach.

During developer Capcom's 'Monster Hunter' live stream this week fans were given a taste of what to expect from Iceborne, including new challenges and gear to craft.

Meanwhile, new players will have the chance to jump right in with the upcoming Master Edition - priced at $60 - which includes all existing content and the new expansion.

Hardcore gamers who don't want to waste hundreds of hours honing new gear and hunting can buy the expansion separately for $40.

There will also be a special deluxe edition of the new pack, which will feature special gear and items including a Yukumo armour set and other additional items for your hunter.

As well as new ranks and fresh features making use of the climate - including the chance to find hot springs to greatly improve your in-game status - there will also be a lot of new monsters.

Capcom has already shown off Banbaro, which is an early brute wyvern which looks to use the frosty environment to its adventage.

The expansion pack's first large-scale monster will be the Beotodus, which buries itself beneath the snow and tends to strikes from below.

Players hoping for some epic scenes are in luck, as the two monsters are very hostile towards each other, meaning there will be some devastating fights between them.