The gaming industry could soon have a single subscription service like Netflix.

Netflix for games?

Netflix for games?

Electronic Arts (EA) have just announced their Origin Access Premier service - which is a subscription service that allows unlimited access to new PC releases - and the company's CEO Andrew Wilson believes others will be joining them soon.

Wilson said: "There was a lot of conversation on Origin Access Premier, and from a gamer standpoint, the feedback was very, very positive in terms of the opportunity to access more great games at great value with reduced friction. And we expect that will be a big plus for gamers over time, and like all subscription businesses will take time to build. But we believe in the long-term potential of that, as we've seen to be true with linear-based media like TV, movies, and music ... We're starting with subscription and we're leading from there and investing in streaming over the long-term. My sense is that as we're able to engage players for longer with greater value at lower friction, we'll see continued uptake in participation in services like this."

Wilson previously confirmed that the gaming company - which is behind games including 'Battlefield', 'The Sims' and 'Star Wars Battlefront' - is working on cloud-based systems for their games, allowing the user to swap between devices but continue where they left off.

He said: "It is an important part of our future development profile. We have a vision on a three to five year time horizon where a great portion of game experiences will exist in the cloud and be pushed to every device you own. And the game experience you have won't be measured by local CPU or GPU, but will be measured by screen size and session time you have and will drive tremendous liquidity in a market."