A new Pokemon Go event will be offering players new bonuses.

New Pokemon Go event

New Pokemon Go event

Users of the mobile phone game will have been busy fighting numerous raid bosses to capture the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre, but now developer Niantic revealed that there is now new bonuses for players.

Eggs will be hatching into Pokemon that prefer Windy weather including Abra, Slowpoke and Bagon and Raid Battles will be giving double xp rewards up until March 16.

The new event bonuses has already started and will fill the void before the next Community Day.

Niantic wrote: "The ancient Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza has proven victorious!

"So from March 5 to March 16, Pokémon that prefer windy weather will hatch more often from Eggs.

"But that's not the only place you'll see weather-enhanced Pokémon.

"Raid Battles at Gyms near you will also favor appearances by Pokémon that prefer windy weather.

"Plus, enjoy double XP until March 16--a special thanks for all of your enthusiasm and hard work!

"In need of Premium Raid Passes? Don't forget that special boxes containing them will be available in the shop until March 11.

"Get the most out of hatching, catching, and battling during this limited time."

The app also revealed that the grass-type Pokemon Bulbasaur will the special pocket monster on March 25 but there is no other news about a potential Community Day.

Any trainers who capture a Bulbasaur during event hours will also have a chance at learning a special move, but they will need to evolve an event Bulbasaur up to its final evolution Venusaur.