Niantic has teased that Team Rocket could be coming to 'Pokemon GO'.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

A hot air ballon with the villainous trio, comprised of field agents Jessie and James and their talking Meowth - who are out to destroy all Pokemon - was seen floating at Europe's first ever festival for the title in Dortmund in Germany last week.

Though there was dialogue found on the game, there is still no indication of when Team Rocket could arrive.

Niantic offered a variety of Global Challenges throughout Go Fest last, which took place between July 4 and July 7, as they did last month when the Fest was held in Chicago.

Players around the world were able to chip in toward their completion, and if enough challenges were completed, the developers made a variety of bonuses available in the game, including another chance to capture the Legendary Pokemon Entei.

Meanwhile, the next Community Day is scheduled for July 21, where players will get the chance to catch Mudkip, and if it evolves into Swampert by the end of the event, the Pokemon will learn a special move.

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