Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins has praised Drake for making gaming gaming "cool".



The 26-year-old pro gamer has played 'Fortnite' with the 'In My Feelings' rapper and has applauded him for bringing the pastime into the "mainstream".

He told Variety: "Drake, that is what pushed gaming into the mainstream and made it cool."

Meanwhile, Ninja recently vowed to keep on gaming despite the backlash he receives daily from online trolls.

He was recently rumoured to have been banned from playing Epic Games' major title 'Fortnite', but the gaming giant denied the claims made by another player.

Ninja responded: "It won't go away, man. The damage is done. The guy made a complete fabrication, slandered my name, framed the whole thing, and it worked. I'm getting hate on every single social media (site)."

Admitting that the hate he receives from keyboard warriors is becoming an "annoyance", he continued: "In every other industry, no one doesn't support someone because they signed a big deal.

"The entire goal is to clout and show off as much money as possible.

"It's more of an annoyance than anything.

"Just trying to do big things. We're taking this whole Ninja thing to the next level."

It was previously revealed that Ninja is making $500,000 a month playing video games.

The gamer is raking in the huge sum from playing 'Fortnite' and 'Halo', and he partly puts his fortune down to Amazon and Twitch Prime subscribers.

He said: "A lot of the income is definitely coming from Amazon and Twitch Prime subscribers, we also just hit five million subscribers on YouTube and Instagram just hit over one million followers and I'm almost there on Twitter.

"I'm definitely investing and saving it as much as possible. Me and my wife are sponsoring an animal every month."

Ninja believes fans tune in to his streams because of his "crazy shenanigans" and because he creates a "positive environment".

He said: "I think I offer high-tier gameplay they can't get with a lot of other content creators.

"It's very difficult to be one of the best at a video game - or anything at all in the world.

"I'm very goofy. I do impressions, and just crazy shenanigans. The combination of that - it's a hybrid. It's just really fun to watch and a pretty positive environment as well."

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