Nintendo has revealed it will be launching its NES controller for the Switch console.



The video game giant is releasing an update version of the classic controller, and while the new design doesn't quite match the original, it should still delight retro gamers.

As revealed in the Nintendo Direct, the controllers will fuction wirelessly and be recharged by connecting them to a docked console, which means the addition of a connection strip seen on regular Joy-Cons.

Nintendo has noted that the new controllers - which can only be bought through Switch Online - are designed to offer an authnetic experience for those gamers playing the library of NES titles coming to the new substription service.

There will be 20 NES games available to users at launch, including the lies of 'Super Mario Bros 3', 'The Legend of Zelda' and 'Pro Wrestling', while more will be added online regularly.

The controllers for Switch are selling in a bundle of two for £49.99 - plus between £3.99 to £17.99 for a Switch Online subscription - with pre-orders open from September 19.