Nintendo America's new boss Doug Bowser's favourite ever game isn't actually a Nintendo title.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The company's new chief - who took over from now-retired former president chief Reggie Fils-Aime earlier this year - has fronted the gaming giant as a time when the Switch has gone from strength to strength, and now he's opened up about his own tastes.

Speaking to his alumnus publication University of Utah Magazine, he said: "My favourite game of all time is 'Myst' -- a deep, immersive, problem solving game with very little dialogue.

"The graphics just amazed me. I finished the first three editions.

"My favourite game now is 'Super Mario Odyssey' for Nintendo Switch. I'm very close to completing it and collecting all the Moons."

Bowser - who shares his last name with Mario's biggest nemesis - reflected on his time at the college, and admitted he was teased a lot for playing too much 'Donkey Kong'.

He added: "I learned so many lessons--some of them tough--but they helped shape who I am today...

"There were lots of 'Where will video games ever get you?' comments. Well..."

The Nintendo boss also dished the dirt on his taste in movies, and named iconic 1965 musical 'The Sound of Music' as his favourite of all time.

He explained: "As a young child, I lived in Germany, and my parents would take the family to Switzerland and Austria for vacations. I loved the area.

"I guess that is one reason I came from New York to Utah for college. I'm also a sucker for Julie Andrews' voice!"