Nintendo are "investigating" 5G technology.



The firm have admitted that they do not simply follow technology trends, but that they want to find out if using the high speed data could be beneficial for gameplay.

One potential downside is the cost of running 5G.

Speaking in a Q&A shared by Nintendo Life, Ko Shiota, head of Nintendo's hardware department, said: "5G can send a large amount of data without latency.

"We are aware that this technology has been gaining a lot of attention, and Nintendo is also investigating it.

"However, we don't only chase trends in technology. "When considering what to offer in our entertainment and services, we think about both how the technology will be applied to gameplay and what new experiences and gameplay we can offer consumers as a result of that application.

"Cost is also an extremely important factor when it comes to 5G. It's difficult to use even an outstanding technology if the cost is too high, so we will continue to also thoroughly investigate the cost of new technologies."