Nintendo is releasing a limited-edition Pikachu and Eevee Switch.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The electronics company has announced that it will drop a new bundle - which will cost $400 - on November 16 consisting of a yellow and brown Joy-Con, while the back of the screen will feature the silhouettes of the characters.

Customers will also get a pre-installed copy of the game - which includes some elements of the 'Pokemon Go' mobile game - and the 'Poke Ball Plus' accessory.

The 'Poke Ball Plus' Joy-Con has a wrist strap on one side and an analog stick on the other, while the motion sensors allow users to throw and catch Pokemon.

It also vibrates, lights up, and emits sound effects, according to Game Spot.

Although players are no doubt desperate to get their hands on the release, there are only limited quantities available so some people may miss out.