Nintendo has delivered its latest update for its Switch console.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The gaming giant's much-hyped Version 5.0.0 includes a host of new features designed to improve the gaming experience on the console, including 24 new Arms and Kirby player icons.

Thanks to the new update, you are now able to filter news from the feed, meaning you can ensure that unread messages or content from a specific channel are all that appears.

Another new feature relates to the Captured videos, as the albums are now subject to parental controls, meaning the console should be more safe and secure than ever before.

The update also means that the Pro Controller grip colours will now show up in the Controllers menu.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has just teased a trailer for its new 'Super Smash Bros' game for the Switch.

At the very end of their Nintendo Direct presentation, the Japanese game makers confirmed the release of the as-yet-untitled 'Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros' for 2018.

The teaser trailer reveals two inklings from 'Splatoon 2' coming face-to-face with a very ominous-looking Mario and 'Legend of Zelda' hero Link.

'Super Smash Bros' stole the show among the preview footage of upcoming games for the Switch and the 3DS this year.