'Paladins' developers Hi-Rez have called on Sony to "stop playing favourites" when it comes to allowing cross-play across all consoles.



Stew Chisam, the CEO of Hi-Rez, has taken to Twitter to discuss the benefits of cross-play - which allows players to play a game online with anyone, no matter which console they are playing on - before hitting out at Sony for being selective with the games it allows to utilise the cross-play feature.

'Paladins' currently offers cross-play between Xbox and Nintendo Switch, and Stew says the online game has seen the wait-times for matches reduced by 30 percent, whilst the quality of matches is better because the level spread between players is down by 40 percent.

In one tweet, he wrote: "Xplay improves match quality in multiplayer games. When we added crossplay between Paladins Xbox and Switch:

">> Wait time reduced 30%

">> Level spread between players down 40%

">> 40% reduction in ELO std deviation per match

">> 80% reduction in "Bad" matches (by our internal defn) (sic)"

In another tweet, Stew then told Sony to allow cross-play for "everyone", and said his games 'Paladins', 'Smite', and 'Realm Royale', were all "ready to go" for cross-play on the PlayStation 4.

He wrote: "Hey @Sony @PlayStation. It's time to stop playing favorites and tear down the crossplay/progression wall for everyone. We have @SMITEGame, @PaladinsGame, @RealmRoyale ready to go when you are. (sic)"

Microsoft has been supporting cross-play for some time between games such as 'Paladins', 'Rocket League', and 'Fortnite', whereas Sony only recently started allowing it for 'Fortnite' and later 'Rocket League'.