Parents have been urged to only allow their children to play video games in moderation.

The PS4

The PS4

The debate over gaming disorders has been ignited by the World Health Organization, which has reported that compulsive video game playing could be a mental health problem, while the UN health agency has classified the disorder as when it takes over other daily activities.

Ben Howard, the GameSpot vice president and general manager, told CNBC: "I think that's right, anything that's as compelling or visual exciting as video gaming definitely has that potential to have people spend more time than maybe they should."

To combat the issue, Howard has recommended parents moderate usage "in a way that you would engage in any other media consumption. So Netflix, YouTube, whatever it is, it's important that parents understand you can definitely have too much of good thing."

Last month, meanwhile, leading researchers claimed that gamers are not "addicted", they are just "motivated".

The International Game Developers Association vehemently criticised the World Health Organization for classifying gaming addiction as a disorder, saying it "was clearly prejudicial against gaming as a hobby and interest" and for a "broad" terminology.