Konami has no plans to introduce women's football into 'PES 2020'.

Pro Evolution

Pro Evolution

Despite competitor EA's 'FIFA 16' title being the first to feature a limited number of women's football teams, the 'Pro Evo' series won't be following suit.

Publishers Konami's European brand manager for the franchise - Lennart Bobzien - told GameSpot: "I personally support the women's game and have been following the World Cup closely.

"However we currently don't have any plans to integrate women into eFootball PES 2020."

Meanwhile, Konami has admitted the company was just as surprised as fans were when 'PES 2019' was swapped out of the PS Plus games lineup for July 2019 and replaced by 'Detroit: Become Human'.

Bobzien added: "I cannot really tell you what happened because I just found out today, in the morning when I opened my laptop. I can't really explain."

The studio added it was Sony's decision, and while the company confirmed this, there was no official reason made public.

A spokesperson said: "We have decided to make a change to the PS Plus games lineup this month, and will be offering 'Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition' instead of 'PES 2019'. "This was a decision we decided to make as a company, and we apologize for any inconvenience."