Phil Spencer feels "really good" about the Xbox Series X - despite the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer

The Xbox chief has insisted he remains upbeat about the prospects for the new console, even though the pandemic has posed some unforseen challenges.

He shared: "Early on, as we were starting to deal with people working from home, there were a lot of questions about what was going to happen with the supply chain and testing our hardware.

"But when I look at the hardware production now, I feel really good.

"We have test kits at home and we're all using them, so we can ensure that everything's working the way it should.

"We're also making good progress with the software platform that we've built to ensure the games run well. And with regards to the supply chain, it looks like builds of the consoles will be uninterrupted."

Spencer also explained that after a brief delay, life has returned to something like normality for the company.

He told the BBC: "We probably had a couple [of] weeks missing in our testing cycle, just as we got up to speed with things. But I feel like we'll be able to absorb a lot of that into the schedule, and I feel really good about our autumn launch."