Gamers will be able to enjoy PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 5 using an external hard drive.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

The decision relating to the much-hyped new console has been announced by the system's lead architect Mark Cerny, who released details of the project during the Road to PlayStation 5 online livestream.

Cerny shared: "Expandability of our [Solid State Drive] is going to be quite important.

"Flash is costly and you may very well want to add storage to whatever we put in the console.

"The kind of storage you need depends on how you're going to use it. If you have an extensive PS4 library [...] then a large external hard drive is ideal.

"You can leave your games on the hard drive and play them directly from there, saving the pricier SSD storage for your PS5 titles, or you can copy the PS4 titles directly to the SSD.

"If your purpose in adding more storage is to play PS5 titles, though, ideally you will add to your SSD storage."

The PlayStation 5 console is scheduled to be launched in late 2020.