The PlayStation 5 is set to launch in 2019.



The next generation console is yet to be given an official release date by the international games company, but Japanese analyst firm Ace Economic Research Institute believes that it could be ready to hit stores early next year.

However, although it's all systems go, there may be a slight delay due to manufacturing shortages as monolithic ceramic capacitors are being used more in cars, according to DualShocker, making them harder to come by for consoles.

But, with the release not too far in the distant future, some game creators are starting to put their two penneth worth about what they're expecting from the PS5.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider narrative director Jason Dozois and lead game designer Heath Smith told the Express Online: "More memory, more rendering, being able to see a further distance. Seeing vistas and thinking, 'I can actually go there', and it's all connected. The more alive everything feels and the draw distance, because 'Tomb Raider' is famous for its vistas, so the further you can have life in a vista, the more alive it feels."