PlayStation's boss believes that the brand's top titles have become too big to fail.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Shuhei Yoshida, the president of PlayStation's Worldwide Studios, admits that gaming firms now find themselves under more pressure than ever before.

He shared: "It is extremely challenging to create a successful single player game or a successful live multiplayer game these days.

"The art of making each type of game has progressed so much that developers tend to pick and choose where their strength lies and where they should put their focus.

"It does not help to attach a half-baked online mode to a single player game, or vice versa. I think it is a result of rational thinking on the side of devs and publishers."

Yoshida added that because of the level of investment in each of the titles, games have now become "too big to fail".

Speaking to MCV, he explained: "On one hand, in the triple-A space, the scale and the tech of game development has grown so much that I feel like we are making a huge bet every time we start a new project.

"The end results are, when successfully executed, an amazing fusion of art and tech, providing hours and hours of highly engaging interactive entertainment in a big, often open, world to explore with lifelike characters and imaginative creatures.

"Because of the size of the investment, each title feels too big to fail. It creates an enormous pressure to manage these triple-A projects.

"These games are the drivers of the industry to become more and more mainstream entertainment."