PlayStation UK has revealed the 'Ex' button is actually called 'Cross'.



The company has weighed into the long running debate regarding what we should actually call the symbol at the bottom of the four buttons on the DualShock controller, and it seems a lot of people have been getting it wrong.

Responding to a social media row on the very contentious issue, the PlayStation UK Twitter account responded: "Triangle Circle Cross Square

"If Cross is called X (it's not), then what are you calling Circle?"

Meanwhile, a graphic designer also had their say as they explained the technical differences between the two names.

User SIECrimson added: "Because this deate grinds my gears, I'll finish it once and for all:

"Crosses have the same distance between each stick. Crosses form a square

"Exes don't have the same distance between each stick. Exes form a rectangle.

"Basic geometry."