PlayStation 5's price and launch have not been changed due to coronavirus.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

The long-awaited console has been the subject of speculation in recent months, but PlayStation bosses have reassured gamers that it's still course for release later this year.

Speaking to CNET, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said: "We remain absolutely on track.

"We're going to launch this holiday, we will have a global launch. And we're greatly looking forward to it. And we very much want the gaming world to look forward to it, too."

He also noted that if the console does sell out soon after its release, it won't be because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ryan said: "Right now, we're not seeing anything saying to us there's going to be problems with quantities or we won't be able to launch the way we want."

Meanwhile, in a separate interview with the BBC, Ryan insisted Sony has not forgotten about PS4 owners.

He explained: "Just look at the maths.

"If we've got 100 million PS4 owners now, the majority of those will not buy a PS5 for a couple of years.

"It's our responsibility and it's an opportunity to keep serving them great gaming content and keep them happy.

"I think the events the last two months, have really just focused on mind and open our eyes to just how real that opportunity is."