'Pokemon Go' will add a new shiny Pokemon this week.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

The augmented reality (AR) mobile game is set to kick off its second Fest event of the summer in Dortmund, Germany, but for those who can't attend in person, there will be a special chance to catch a one-off shiny Pokemon in celebration of the event.

From 9am on Thursday (04.07.19), developers at Niantic are increasing the spawn rate of male Nidoran around the world, and if players are lucky, they'll stumble upon the shiny version of the creature.

Nidoran's shiny version isn't the only surprise in store for fans though, as Niantic will also offer a variety of Global Challenges throughout the Go Fest in Germany, as they did last month when the Fest was held in Chicago.

Players around the world can chip in toward their completion, and if enough challenges are completed, Niantic will make a variety of bonuses available in the game, including another chance to capture the Legendary Pokemon Entei.

This week marks the third anniversary of Pokemon Go's release, and Niantic is celebrating the occasion with a variety of events and bonuses.

Shiny Alolan forms of Rattata, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Diglett, Meowth, Geodude, Grimer, and Exeggutor can be found in the wild, and Pikachu wearing a party hat is available once again. There are also new Special Research quests and new avatar items inspired by the game's three team leaders in the Style Shop.

Meanwhile, the next Community Day is scheduled for July 21, where players will get the chance to catch Mudkip, and if it evolves into Swampert by the end of the event, the Pokemon will learn a special move.