'Pokemon Go' is implementing a feature to allow players to nominate locations for new PokeStops.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

The popular augmented reality mobile app from Niantic is played by millions of users worldwide, but PokeStops - locations were players can pick up items and drop Lures for a higher chance of catching Pokemon - are limited to landmarks the developers have chosen themselves.

However, thanks to a new feature currently being Beta tested in Brazil and South Korea, 'Pokemon Go' players will soon be able to recommend their favourite local spots as new PokeStop locations.

The beta test is currently open to players in both Brazil and South Korea, but only if their in-game level is at least Level 40, and they are over 18.

In order to submit a location for a PokeStop, trainers must submit photographs and descriptions of potential PokéStops, which will then be reviewed by experienced Ingress users.

Niantic suggests locations such as public parks and libraries, interesting pieces of art or architecture, or major transportation spots. Private property, places without direct access to pedestrians, and locations on primary or secondary school property and child care centres will not be approved.

The new feature comes after Niantic recently teased some surprise updates for the game in the next few weeks.

CEO John Hanke said in a blog post: "There is nothing quite like strolling through a beautiful park catching Pokémon with thousands of other players on a gorgeous summer day...

"Even as summer fades in the Northern Hemisphere, we are working on some surprises for 'Pokémon GO' this Fall to give Trainers even more ways to play together. In addition, we are celebrating the six year anniversary of Ingress with the upcoming launch of Ingress Prime. We are incorporating improvements developed in the Niantic Real World Platform into this reboot of the game that started our journey in transforming the real world into a playground for our imaginations. We'll be revealing more about Ingress Prime as we get closer to launch so make sure to follow Ingress on Twitter for the latest news."