'Pokemon Go' has launched its newest week-long event.

Pikachu, a generation one Pokemon

Pikachu, a generation one Pokemon

The hugely popular augmented reality (AR) mobile app is known for its frequent events that allow players to catch unique monsters and gain special items from their encounters, and on Tuesday (10.04.18), developers at Niantic kickstarted the newest of these events, called Kanto Week.

Kanto Week has been designed to celebrate the original 151 Pokemon that appeared in the game series' first two titles, 'Pokemon Red' and 'Pokemon Blue', and offers players increased spawn rates of the creatures featured in these games.

The event will run until April 17, and for the duration of the event, Kanto-native Pokemon, like the original starting trio Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, will appear much more frequently in the wild.

Other first generation Pokemon such as the significantly tougher Aerodactyl and Snorlax will also return to the game in raid battles, where players must team up to take down the tough beasts.

That's not all, as players will also receive double the normal amount of Candy for capturing and transferring Pokemon during Kanto Week.

The event runs into the app's next Community Day - in which players are able to catch a Pokemon which knows a special move it wouldn't otherwise have access to - which lasts for a couple of hours on Sunday, April 15.

Electric-type sheep Pokemon Mareep is the creature of choice for this mini event, and if a player evolves it into Ampharos during event hours, the Pokemon will learn the powerful Dragon-type attack Dragon Pulse.

Kanto Week also ties into the recently announced Special Research quest to find Mew. As part of the tasks which lead to finding the Legendary beast, players must earn a gold Kanto medal, which is awarded for capturing 100 Pokemon from the region, and the new event will help players reach that goal.