Pokémon Go made almost $800 million in 2018.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

The hugely popular augmented reality (AR) video game from developers Niantic had a successful year in 2018, having seen a massive jump in revenue thanks largely to Niantic's steady rollout of new content and in-game events that kept users interested in catching Pokemon in the real world.

According to mobile tracker Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go generated an estimated $795 million in worldwide revenue last year, giving the game a 35 percent increase in profit compared to the 2017 figures.

US players put the most money into the game, spending an estimated $262 million in 2018, although Japanese players weren't far behind, spending approximately $239 million.

Daily spending was also increased in 2018, with the app raking in an average of $2.2 million per day worldwide, and in December alone players spent more than $75 million on in-game purchases such as items to help level up their creatures or make wild ones easier to catch.

The app's success is largely thanks to Niantic's attention to creating regular events and implementing new Pokemon to the game at a steady rate, making sure none of the game's features ever got old or tiresome.

Early in the year, the developers introduced Community Days, which run once a month and give players the chance to catch rare Pokemon and learn exclusive moves.

On top of that, 2018 saw the introduction of friends lists and trading, whilst PvP trainer battles were finally implemented in December.