'Pokemon Quest' has hit more than 7.5 million downloads since its release in May.

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest

According to Pokemon Company, the free to play game - which is available on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android - has hit an impressive new milestone.

Although the company hasn't provided a breakdown of figures between the Switch and mobile versions, it did add that it had 1 million downloads in its first two days alone on the former.

The game - which is set on Tumblecube Island - features cube-shaped versions of the original generation of Pokemon, including Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Pikachu.

While it is free to play, the title is supported by microtransactions, where real money is used to buy packs and items to speed up in-game progression.

Although download figures are important, the money coming in from in-game-purchases is more vital - but The Pokemon COmpany has not shared these details.

According to independent research firm SensorTower, the mobile versions of 'Pokemon Quest' made more than $3 million through microtransactions during its first week.