'Pokemon Go' is set to switch out its Legendary Pokemon once again.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

The hugely popular Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app has been cycling through the limited edition legendary monsters since it implemented them into the game late last year, and it is set to swap out the creatures once again this week.

Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza arrived in the game last week, and its arrival means that currently catchable water-type Legendary Kyogre will bow out on Wednesday (14.02.18), meaning players only have a limited amount of time left to get their hands on the rare monster.

Rayquaza will be available until March 16, and like previous Legendaries - which also included Groudon, who was available from December to January - it will be catchable during Raid Battles at Gyms.

Alongside Rayquaza, 'Pokemon Go' developer Niantic recently introduced the next wave of third generation Pokemon to the game, including Salamence, Altaria, and Tropius.

This brings the total number of Gen 3 Pokemon - which are found in the Hoenn region of the main games - to 100, and to commemorate the milestone, Niantic implemented an update that would ensure every wild Pokemon that players encountered until February 3 would originate from the Hoenn region.

Later this month on February 24, 'Pokemon Go' will celebrate a new Community Day, in which players have a short window of opportunity to capture a rare Pokemon with a special move.

Last time, players were able to catch a Pikachu that could surf, and whilst it has yet to be revealed which special move will be available this time, the Pokemon in question is Dratini.