'Pokemon Go' players will have the chance to catch Shiny Buneary when the Eggstravaganza event returns next week.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Niantic are giving gamers the chance to capture the rare Pokemon which will be out and about in the wild more often than ever before during their Easter-themed event, which kicks off on April 16.

There will also be the opportunity to hatch babies such as Pichu, Smoochum, and Magby from 2km Eggs.

Plus with every egg hatched, there will be a reward of twice as much Candy and Incubators will be twice as effective and Lucky Eggs will last considerably longer.

Meanwhile, today (10.04.19) sees the mobile app game's Lunch Hour event take place and Saturday (13.04.19) is Community Day, which will feature rare Dragon Pokemon Bagon.

Whilst on April 15, the Legendary Latios will make an appearance as part of the week-long Raid event.

It was recently revealed that 'Pokemon Go' players could get their hands on shiny Diglett if 5,000 people partake in Niantic's forthcoming Earth Day Cleanup.

Between April 13 and April 29, gamers are invited to get outside and explore and socialise in a a bad to help cleanup the environment.

If 2,000 players are a part of these events, more ground-type Pokemon will be released, but if a further 3,000 turn up, the earthworm will be unleashed into the wild.

Further, If 7,000 players unite, Groudon will appear in raids, and stardust and candy will double in spawn events.

Gamers can sign up for the Earth Day Cleanup at www.niantic.playmob.com