'Rainbow Six Siege' has broken its own record for concurrent players to hit a high of more than 175,000 two years after its launch.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

The team-based shooter was brought out on Steam in December 2015, and its new Operation Chimera update has seen its figures soar to 176,856 - the highest since its release.

As reported by GameSpot, SteamCharts data shows substantial growth over the last few months - although PCGamer explained these figures come from Steam rather than including Ubisoft's Uplay service.

The title's previous peak for concurrent players came in February with figures of around 125,000, meaning its added roughly 50,000 in a month.

As well as being released for the PC over two years ago, 'Siege' was also made available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It was recently confirmed that the game hit 27 million players across all platforms, although it is expected that this data also includes free trial players as part of the count.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has also not shared concurrent player data for its console versions of the title, so it's not known how they compare to the PC's success.