'ReadySet Heroes' is set to be released on October 1.

ReadySet Heroes

ReadySet Heroes

The fast-paced multiplayer dungeon crawler was first announced by publisher Sony Computer Entertainment back in March, and it has now been given a release date for next month, when it will hit the shelves for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

'ReadySet Heroes' is being developed by Robot Entertainment - who are best known for developing 'Orcs Must Die!' - and was shown as a playable demo at Gamescom recently, along with a new trailer.

While many hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers are presented in a Diablo-style overhead view, 'ReadySet Heroes' goes for a lower action-adventure perspective, which is a trick Robot Entertainment also used for 'Orcs Must Die!', which are tower defence games, also a traditionally top-down genre.

The game sees players take on a role as any one of a number of woodland creatures, including Tuck the badger, Dixie the rabbit, and Willow the woodpecker.

Although the animals aren't class based, they do have minor attributes and boosts, such as extra health or slightly more speed, depending on the character.

The multiplayer set-up - in split-screen local play or online - features two teams of two players, or four single-player competitors.

Players start with a wooden sword to slay enemies, but through each level of the dungeon they are rewarded with a treasure chest, which yields either weapons or armour or magic spells and special moves.

Dead enemies also yield crystals of various colours, which boost various stats, like maximum health and damage.

In the multiplayer, players must boost their stats in the dungeons as much as possible before the timer runs out, when they are then transported to a battle arena to take on their human opponents.