'Red Dead Online Beta' gets Showdown mode.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

The latest patch update for the multi-player action-adventure title sees the arrival of The Spoils of War Showdown, a new PvP which hosts two to 16 players.

Teams steal loot from each other's bases and the group with most stolen goods wins.

The latest update comes after Rockstar Games detailed a series of updates for the popular title, including getting a bounty for committing crimes and an incentive to "pay them off in an allotted time".

They teased: "Some changes are coming to the way the Law and Bounty systems work in Red Dead Online to reduce the enticements for griefing. Soon, players will get a bounty for committing crimes and will be incentivised to pay them off within an allotted time. Wait too long and bounty hunters from each of the states will track the player forcing them to either pay up or escape."

Plus making it easier to trigger more "quickly" using the Parley system and Feuds family of weapons.

They explained: "We're making the Parley system easier to trigger so that you can avoid aggressive players more quickly. In addition, it will be easier to trigger Feuds, Posse Feuds and Leader Feuds to take on attacking players in structured competition."

There will also be changes to location blips, and they promised to "identify players who grief and kill indiscriminately with a progressively darkening blip".

They wrote in their latest blog update: "Player location blips will soon appear only over short distances, reducing the range at which you are visible to others, decreasing the likelihood of being targeted by another player across large areas.

"Down the line, we're also looking to introduce the ability to identify players who grief and kill indiscriminately with a progressively darkening blip that becomes more visible and at a longer range, so everyone in a session can identify potentially dangerous opponents at a glance and from a safe distance."

In January, it was revealed that 'Red Dead Online Beta' players were being rewarded after the game required major updates.

Not only did Rockstar provide a number of improvements, including increasing cash and gold payments, reducing the prices of weapons in certain activities and balancing the values of some pelts, skins and fish, but they also added RDO$250 and 15 Gold Bars to the profiles of those who have had to work through the issues in the multiplayer mode.

They said: "As an added thank you for playing and helping us through the beta period, we're also awarding everyone that joined in to play the Red Dead Online Beta at any point through midnight PST today with a gift of RDO$250 and 15 Gold Bars."

The community had been affected by major bugs, which had been kicking gamers out of sessions, plus problems with the in-game economy.

However, the developers of the popular Western-themed adventure game reassured the community that they were able to easily make amendments to solve the issues over a number of days and they stayed true to their word.