One of the UK's leading telecommunication firms has announced its intention to remove caps on home broadband plans.

BT's logo

BT's logo

BT has revealed a range of new measures designed to help consumers in the UK to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

The company shared: "We're ... removing all caps on your home broadband plans so every customer has unlimited data to use whether working from home, keeping the kids connected to school or streaming the latest films."

The decision to remove caps on broadband is sure to benefit online gamers, some of whom may have experienced slower-than-usual speeds over recent days due to a spike in internet usage.

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Steam reached its all-time concurrent user peak over the weekend.

Data from the PC gaming platform's website confirmed that Steam broke its all-time record for concurrent users, reaching a 24-hour peak of 20,313,451.

In fact, the weekend marked the first-ever time Steam had more than 20 million users online at once - and as many as 6.4 million of them were actively playing a game, according to the data.

Steam's popularity could continue to rise in the coming weeks and months, with the coronavirus creating chaos across much of the world.